American Airlines plane’s landing gear collapsed in O’Hare skid: FAA

Chicago O’Hare International Airport continues to play catch-up after snow, ice and wind wreaked havoc on its runways Monday, resulting in an American Airlines flight skidding off a runway and into a median, scraping its right wing tip on the snow-covered ground.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson Tony Molinaro confirmed in a statement to USA TODAY that “the aircraft’s right main landing gear collapsed” during the landing.  An FAA investigation into the incident is underway, Molinaro added. 

American Airlines spokeswoman Sarah Jantz told USA TODAY that 38 passengers and three crew members from American Eagle Flight 4125 from Greensboro, North Carolina, were deplaned via bus and safely in the terminal. No one was injured.

However, the record early-season snow – 3.4 inches fell at O’Hare –  continued to impact the airport’s operations for much of the day. Canceled flights in and out of O’Hare hit 1,200 and the delays numbered nearly 900 that evening per FlightAware.

By 7:30 a.m. EST Tuesday morning, the airport had mostly recovered and those figures had plummeted to 83 cancellations 67 delays.

Twitter users circulated footage of the incident, which shows the plane skidding into the  median. Once it came to a stop, a woman can be heard saying, “I think we landed!” 

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