Museums you wouldn’t expect and a case of a missing llama

PROVO, Utah  — Everywhere we went, we saw Charlie. There were signs for Charlie on power poles. We saw Charlie — or at least we thought we saw him — zipping between the apple orchards on the sprawling Utah Valley Hospital campus. 

No question about it. Charlie was having a wild time in Provo — and so were we.

Who’s Charlie? He’s a fuzzy male llama missing since September — and presumably roaming Provo’s neighborhoods.

Reward signs for Charlie, the missing llama. If you’ve seen him, you could get $100.

And who are we? Like Charlie, we’re outsiders, too. We’re the family of four staying in that rental over on North 200 East Street. Oh yes, that’s how they name the streets in Provo and in a lot of other cities in Utah. It confuses Google.

Reward signs for Charlie, the missing llama. If you've seen him, you could get $100.

Don’t let Provo’s squeaky-clean, straight-laced image fool you. It can be a wild place.

I’m not just talking about Utah Valley’s latest obsession, a skill that will serve you well in the zombie apocalypse. There are plenty of interesting museums, including one where you can try on a straightjacket. Oh, and we tracked down some llamas, but you’ll never believe where we found them.

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