David Hasselhoff’s fame in Germany began with fall of the Berlin Wall

Walk downstairs to the basement of the Circus Hostel in Berlin and you’ll spot it nestled across from the hipster hostel’s microbrewery. A large, autographed, partially bare-chested mural tribute to American actor and singer David Hasselhoff.

It’s the doorway to a cheeky exhibit celebrating Hasselhoff’s fame in Germany and a chance for Americans, familiar with his TV roles on “Baywatch” and “Knight Rider” but probably not his musical career, to find out why he still resonates with the generation of Germans who remember the Mauerfall – the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“We have a steady flow of locals and tourists, from devoted fans to people who just can’t believe it’s real,” Maja Stefanovic, communications director for the Circus, said about the free exhibit when I contacted her by email.

The David Hasselhoff “museum” started in 2007. First, it was just a picture hung by a bartender who loved The Hoff, as devoted fans call him. As the shrine gathered more material, it eventually spilled over into the hallway. 

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