Latest NBA League Pass offer gives ten minutes of action for 99 cents

There are some people that believe the fourth quarter of any basketball game is the only part that matters – that until that point there is no need to watch the preceding action. 

Well, for those fans the NBA has a new offer for you: watch ten minutes of real-time regular season action for 99 cents on the NBA app or 

Available only for regular season, out-of-market games that aren’t on national TV, the new streaming option follows past NBA efforts to allow people to pay $6.99 to watch a single regular season game. The price falls to $4.99 from the start of the second quarter until the end of the game and $2.99 when purchasing after the second quarter. 

The league has also allowed fans to watch from the fourth quarter until a game’s conclusion for $1.99. 

With the 99-cent offer, fans can watch as many games as they want within the 10-minute period, making the option particularly useful for fans following their team’s stretch run to the playoffs or looking to win a fantasy basketball championship. 

The clock, however, is in real-time, not game time, so if your ten minutes run out before the conclusion of the games you are watching you will need to pay another 99 cents or purchase one of the single-game passes. 

An on-screen clock lets you know how much time you have left in your pass. 

“NBA 10-Minute Pass offers unprecedented flexibility for fans to watch live NBA games when it is convenient for them,” said Chris Benyarko, the senior vice president of the NBA’s direct to consumer offerings, in a statement.  “This new offering on NBA League Pass is an important step toward reaching and engaging the widest possible audience.”

A full season of League Pass, which allows fans to watch all NBA teams including those outside their home markets, starts at $199.99 for the season. 


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