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That breaking news involving the battle over the black boxes in that deadly plane crash that killed 157 people in Ethiopia. The crucial piece of evidence remains in Ethiopia but this morning, authorities say they are going to send those black boxes overseas for analysis but this comes after days of delay. Our chief national correspondent Matt Gutman is on the ground there with the latest. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Good morning, Cecilia. Now that the decision has been made to send out the recorders, the question is, where will they go and when and that is being debated in that building behind me. For the past several hours including with U.S. Officials, now, international investigators have told us they are shocked that it’s taken three days just to come to this decision. Ethiopia was not going to analyze the recorders because that capacity does not ex-nis this country. Those recorders become more critical because investigators tell us that the crash site was contaminated and saw diggers going through the debris and farmers and shepherds picking through the remains meaning there is little of evidentiary value left. The U.S. Is pushing for those recorders to go to the U.S. Because that is where Boeing is based. So many questions still, Matt. Thank you.

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