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We have a “Gma” health ai letter. The cover story. The peak of the flu season. Cases of a dangerous strain are spiking. Dr. Jen Ashton with us to talk about it. The late enumber. 32 states across the country are reporting high flu-like activity. The CDC are now estimating as many as 26 million cases of the flu this season. Just under an estimated 350,000 hospitalizations and an estimated 30,000-must death. We haven’t heard a lot of it this season. Ever year the number change. They separate it into what is causing that type of flu. There are different strain we hear about. The more common strain is the H 1-n 1rks. It’s tip which I milder. That was the predominant strain. All the strains were in this vaccine this year. What we’re seeing now is a different strain. H3-n-2. That is trending it. It tends to give more acute, more severe, and potentially more deadly type of influenza. What can we do to protect our families? The good news. The CDC has not waivered and footer will I. The best defense is having a nation. There is data to suggest that if you get the flu after getting vaccinated, you might have less severe course and less likely to have complications. I take this very, very seriously. I have had it several times. My daughter had it last month. And I have lost a pregnant patient to influenza. It’s not just a bad cold. Oh, my goodness. We need to keep vigilance up. The overall cases tend to be trending down. Even now, the vaccination can Yeah, all the way up to

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