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where thousands of people are fleeing the final ISIS stronghold. As U.S. Backed troops prepare to launch a final assault on the caliphate’s remaining territory, ABC’s foreign correspondent James Longman write there in the region with the latest. James, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning. The final assault against ISIS’ last stronghold in Syria is tote to begin today after u.s.-backed forces spent the last few weeks clearing thousands of civilians from the we’ve seen huge numbers of women and children staggering through the desert making their way out of the town of baghouz in eastern Syria. No one expected this many people. The U.N., for example, says an incredible 14,000 children under 12 have come out. The camp where they’re being held is now at breaking point. 65,000 in makeshift tents, many with no shelter at all. A large number of ISIS families and sympathizers are among them and it’s clear they still hold dangerous ideologies. When this final piece of territory is reclaimed there will be much work to do, not just to rebuild homes but ensure the roots of extremism aren’t able to take hold again. Dan. James Longman and all those children, really appreciate your reporting, James.

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