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And we’re back now with the national trend, the increasing popularity of shareable electric scooters. But there is concern about a reported spike in injuries in those riders using them. The CDC now taking a look. Reporter: It’s a hot trend. Feel that wind blowing in my hair, and just cruising down the street. Reporter: Electric scooters popping up in cities all over the country. Share services like lime and bird exploding, making these cost effective and environmentally friendly scooters easier to get, but with the growing popularity — I don’t think there is anything specifically we saw. It was an outbreak of scooter-related injuries. Reporter: Austin, Texas has more than 10,000 scooters according to Taylor, but he says, soon after the boom, medical providers and city officials started asking questions. They were seeing or hearing about scooter-related injuries, but we had no idea how many were occurring a day or a week. Reporter: With no current national database tracking scooter accidents, Austin public health now plans to team up with the CDC to try to learn more. Their recent first of its kind study finds some surprising trends including most scooter accidents didn’t involve another vehicle. It’s people who are riding it who may have a collision with the curb or a post or a pothole. Reporter: In San Antonio, this woman thrown to the ground after being hit by an electric scooter. One Dallas rider says her first ride quickly took a turn for the I was going probably a little I hit where the trolley exchanges face first, like, over the scooter. Reporter: Other major cities like San Francisco, Denver and Los Angeles all struggling to deal with the growing trend. Issuing temporary bans on the scooters in the past, many of those bans have since been lifted or overturned. In Austin, the city planning to use the information from this new study to make new regulations. And lime tells us it’s been working with local governments and riders to educate people about scooter safety. Bird says it encourages the CDC, it’s looking at this and working toward more protective bike lanes and other things to keep the big thing to remember is it’s like ride a bike. You should ride with a helmet on and be paying attention. A lot of people think it’s more fun than transport, but it still is a way to transport yourself. You’re going fast, and on the sidewalks. I can see how it can be dangerous. Really interesting. Good information. Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

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