No survivors in Ethiopian Airlines crash Video

  • Now Playing: FAA warns airlines about sensor issue in Boeing’s fastest-selling jet

  • Now Playing: Plane crashes into ocean off Micronesia

  • Now Playing: 8 Americans among 157 people killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash: Officials

  • Now Playing: US advances on last ISIS foothold in Syria

  • Now Playing: Trump to ask for more money to build border wall

  • Now Playing: Turkish Airlines makes emergency landing at JFK Airport

  • Now Playing: No survivors in Ethiopian Airlines crash

  • Now Playing: Diver accidentally ends up inside the mouth of a large whale

  • Now Playing: Explosion rocks the capitol city of Stockholm

  • Now Playing: The oldest person in the world is 116 years and 66 days old

  • Now Playing: Roads near UK’s Parliament reopened after vehicle deemed ‘non-suspicious’: Met Police

  • Now Playing: Struggle over last ISIS stronghold in Syria

  • Now Playing: Barcelona-bound plane strikes several birds during landing

  • Now Playing: ‘Dragon’ makes successful round-trip visit to International Space Station

  • Now Playing: US-backed forces find foxholes and weapons near ISIS’ last stronghold

  • Now Playing: American journalist detained in Venezuela back in U.S.

  • Now Playing: U.S.-backed troops take on ISIS’ final stronghold in Syria

  • Now Playing: Brave souls drop down from a Zeppelin onto Austrian alps

  • Now Playing: Lagerfeld’s final runway, tornado destruction: World in Photos

  • Now Playing: Tornadoes rip across the South for the second time in one week

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