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Overseas to the battle against ISIS. New images show fighters surrendering as the final stronghold in Syria. As thousands appear to leave, now warning ISIS could stage a comeback. James Longman has the latest from erbil, Iraq. Reporter: Good morning, U.S. Backed forces have been on the edge of victory against ISIS in Syria for weeks but the final assault has yet to begin because thousands of civilians are thought still inside. Wave after wave of women and children have been slowly emerging from the town of baghouz. Many of those children gaunt from malnutrition but their mothers often defiant still supporting the so-called islamic state. Columns of surrendering fighters have been making their way out but only when coalition forces have cleared all civilians will the final battle begin. The head of U.S. Central command called surrender a calculated decision to preserve their capabilities and ISIS could be waiting for the right time to resurge. The defense department estimates as many as 20,000 ISIS fighters could still be at large in this region. George. That is still quite a danger. Thanks very much.

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