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Now to a scare at a London airport forcing passengers to evacuate a plane using the emergency chute. ABC’s Jennifer Eccleston’s has more from our London bureau this morning. Reporter: Good morning. Indeed, frightening moments at London’s stanstead airport. Overnight here you can see emergency vehicles were racing to help passengers stranded on the tarmac. You can hear some yelling amid the confusion. Moments earlier the laudamotion airbus a320 started its ascent to Vienna, Austria but then aborted takeoff coming to an abrupt stop. The crew shouting, evacuate, and triggering emergency slides. Passengers recalling a terrifying scene. The skoupdz of a big bang and a flash of Orange light just seconds after the plane started to take off. We heard a noise. Is it going to do anything? Is it go to like catch fire, explode? You don’t know. Reporter: Laudamotion issuing a statement that the plane suffered a suspected engine problem. Eight people are reported to have been treated for injuries and stanstead airport was forced to temporarily divert flights and shut its runways to safely deal with this emergency. Guys, one of the passengers said it was her first time on a plane and after this experience, guess what, it might be her last. Don’t blame her. Jennifer Eccleston from our London bureau, thanks so much.

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