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Our exclusive with one of the toughest WWE superstars with know. Of course, we’re talking about Roman reigns. He made an announcement about his leukemia overnight. The good remission, y’all. Give it up for the inspiring, invincible Roman reigns. Oh, boy. ?????? I know, right? Right? Whoo! I loved how you threw in y’all. I love that? That’s the south in me. I know that. You wouldn’t think it but I was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida. Down in the panhandle. Just a southern boy. That’s right. I know, ABC affiliate is wear in Pensacola. Channel 3 news. Shoutout. Right down the road. God bless. So incredibly happy for you. Thank you. What was it like to be back in the ring and to show a few of your moves last night? It was amazing. You know, it’s — it’s one of those things that I just thought about over and over and I just knew in my head, you know, this journey is not going to be complete until I get to step foot back in that ring, you know, and I get to address my fans and they were just so, so gentle with me and just so gracious and they just sent so much love and I just wanted everybody to know and I was so nervous last night? Really? I’m fine right now. Main event WrestleMania all good. Last night because it was so close to the vest it just really — the perfectionist came out in me. The OCD came out but everybody was so great. The love, you know, through this whole process, the support is what was really overwhelming. To be able to feel that from the whole world, from everybody, you know, all the prayers, all the blessings, it was a blessing. Something to know that people from all walks of life are living you up like that. We had people that were out since 2:00, 3:00 waiting outside for you. I know you appreciate all your fans. Love them. Especially the young ones. Love them. They really touch your heart in that’s something that, you know, we connect easily with the children, you know, we are a pg product and WWE and the families drive our business and we’re the — we’re striving to be role models and start with the youth, you know, and as you know, sometimes children are the most resilient warriors in the world, you know. And we do so many different charitable causes and have been able to see and visit some of these kids in the big fight, you know, within the pediatric hospitals, you know, so any time that we can give back to them and just pull a little bit of inspiration and share their story I think it’s very important. Is it true you left them know first before you let anybody else know. I did, yeah. I mean, like you said people from all walks of life, everybody was thinking about me. Everybody was praying for me and I feel so blessed to receive that type of attention, that type of love. But, yeah, I had to. They made an awesome video that just lifted my spirits the whole time and, you know, in such a short visit just a one-day visit we were able to make such strong relationships and such strong bonds with those children and I can’t wait to get back to Dallas and visit them again. I’m sure they can’t wait to see you. Your WWE family and young fans and family at home, what was it, 11 years ago, you were 22 when you were first diagnosed. Just a young buck. A baby was on the way. Yep. How has your family helped. They’ve been my rock and that’s the most important thing, that support system that surrounds you and I’m sure you know this. Uh-huh. Sometimes it’s our families that suffer the most. We’re just in it and we’re just trying to overcome and move on to the next day and continue to progress and they are the ones that worrying to death. You know, my mom, bless her heart, she is the biggest worry worth in the world. Mom, I love you, but you got to chill out. But, you know — thank you. You got applause, mom. But you know, that was the difference between the first time it felt like I was on an island by myself and this time, I just felt like I was surrounded by guardian angels. The terror and, you know. The fears I had was quickly alleviated as soon as I felt that outreach of all my fans, everyone just whether they knew who I was or, you know, were indifferent to me they all rallied behind me. What do you want to do now and help spread the message and especially about pediatric cancer. I have the opportunity as you do to create awareness, just like this, you know, ABC, “Good morning America,” I have a huge platform within the WWE, we’re a global brand all over the world so I think every night I’m able to step in the ring it’s a symbol of hope and awareness and we’re not just going to talk about it but in the process of creating funds and foundations to help, you know, so we want to make people aware but we also want to roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty and make some moves out there. Make some moves out there. Before you get out of here, you are making some moves on the silver screen. Do you know this man opposite this other guy, Dwayne Johnson? Yes. “Hobbs and Shaw.” Can I tell you what Dwayne said about you. His per series and humanity battling the challenge has enspired our entire family as well as millions around our world in our beloved WWE universe. Can’t wait to see the big dog return to the ring. What is it going to be like to see yourself up on the silver screen? It’s going to be a little weird to be honest. I’m not a fan of watching my own work anymore so but, you know, the experience was phenomenal to hang out with Dwayne and see him in his element and he is a genuine great person, he is infectious. He’s — he can magnetize you. You want to be around him because he’s such a night person so it was great and to be in the island of Hawaii and kauai, objection, my goodness. We said it the whole time, the manna is real. If you get a chance, get out there, please. That’s it. Well, we are so happy for you. And thank you. Thank you for making your mess your message and sharing the message of hope for so many. It’s so vital. Can’t wait to see you back in the ring and on the big screen too. Roman reigns.

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