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Thank you, Eva. Now, to another courtroom, and Roger stone getting a stinging reprimand for his instaygram post that included an image of the judge overseeing his case with what appears to be the crosshairs of a gun next to her held. Stone seen believing the court today without speaking to the media, because he’s now been placed under a complete gag order. Here’s ABC’s Pierre Thomas tonight. Reporter: A subdued Roger stone clutching his wife’s hand today as he walked into court, where he pleaded for mercy from judge Amy Berman Jackson for forgiveness. Judge Jackson clearly frustrated and concerned after stone posted a picture of her online. In the corner, what looks like the crosshairs of a gun. Today, stone apologized, calling it a “Stupid lapse of judgement.” He said he never really looked at the image before posting it, at one point saying he thought it was a celtic symbol. But the judge didn’t buy it, telling stone, “There’s nothing ambiguous about crosshairs.” President trump’s long-time friend explained the episode as an “Outgrowth of stress,” telling the judge, “I am having trouble putting food on the table and paying the rent.” Although stone apologized profusely, judge Jackson said his apology, quote, rings quite hollow. And with that, the judge issued her ruling — a full gag order. Stone is not to speak to anyone publicly about his case. Period. “Mr. Stone,” she said, “I’m not giving you another chance.” The judge was not having it today. Pierre Thomas with us live from Washington. That’s the Roger stone story tonight, Pierre, while the president’s former adviser was in court today, we know his former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, meantime, was on capitol hill? Reporter: That’s right, David. Michael Cohen was on capitol hill today preparing for his public hearing next week. That hearing is going to be on the same day that president trump is having his sum milt with the north Korean leader. Cohen tweeting, “I’m looking forward to the American people hearing my story in my voice.” A dramatic day coming, David. Right in the middle of that jaefr seas trip. All right, Pierre Thomas, thank you.

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