Who is Jeff Rosen, the new pick for deputy attorney general Video

  • Now Playing: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein plans to leave in mid-March: Official

  • Now Playing: Andrew McCabe on his criticisms of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions

  • Now Playing: Acting attorney general to testify to Congress

  • Now Playing: Trump weighs in on potential release of the Mueller report

  • Now Playing: Son of North Carolina congressional candidate warned about absentee votes

  • Now Playing: How a border wall would affect property owners

  • Now Playing: Supreme Court limits states’ abilities to seize property in criminal cases

  • Now Playing: After surgery, Cohen’s prison date postponed

  • Now Playing: Trump says release of Mueller report while he’s abroad is up to attorney general

  • Now Playing: North Carolina 9th District election fraud hearing

  • Now Playing: Tulsi Gabbard on why she’s running for president

  • Now Playing: Who is Jeff Rosen, the new pick for deputy attorney general

  • Now Playing: Bernie Sanders raises six million dollars in one day

  • Now Playing: Pres. Trump denies interference in Michael Cohen investigation

  • Now Playing: Covington Catholic student’s parents sue Washington Post

  • Now Playing: Trump denies he asked acting AG to replace prosecutor

  • Now Playing: Russia investigation timeline

  • Now Playing: Bernie Sanders raises $4M in 1st day of campaign

  • Now Playing: Bernie Sanders joins the 2020 presidential race

  • Now Playing: New report on alleged attempt by Trump to influence investigators

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