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body goes into hibernation. Your skin misses the sun. And your mood can definitely take a hit. What you eat can turn that around. Here with ways to winterize your diet is nutritionist Maya feller. Hi. Thank you for being here. Oh, yeah. Okay. Group hug. Group hug. Do you really feel like you can cure the winter blues just by your diet? Absolutely. So you know, I really believe in all the pillars of health. Specifically around nutrition. And I think when we look down this line, it all takes work. And it really can affect your mood and so many other things. You can absolutely winterize your diet. We treat so many things externally with pills and other things that could be solved if we were treating from the inside out. Oh, absolutely. And I think we’re starting with mood. Which is something that Michael needs help with. Yeah, change my mood. So, when we look here. One of the things that we know is that your mood can be affected by what’s on the tip of that fork, right? What you’re putting into your mouth. A bunch of cookies and stuff. You know what? That brings me exactly to that. One of the reasons I chose these healthy fats are when you eat a diet that is refined sugar-rich, it gives you a glucose spike and highs and lows. That hangriness. I like to see the heart healthy fats that digest a bit slower and keep the blood sugars level. Level. Exactly. That’s mood. We have the avocado. All that stuff, which I try to have every day. Nuts, I love ’em. I want to say, you see us snack, snack, snack, we’re going to be mindful of the portion size. We’re not eating the whole tray. Oh. Okay. All right. I’ll stop. And then next, we’re going to talk about skin. Because in the winter months, I tell you. Your skin gets so dry. You can put as much lotion on. It doesn’t come around. What can we do? My skin gets so, so, so ashy in the winter. To the point where people in my family are like, mom, you need more lotion. I like to say, let me pay attention to what I’m putting into my body. We talk about collagen. And taking supplements. You need vitamin C to help synthesize that collagen. These foods are vitamin c-rich. We have the berries, Vong, strong antioxidants. Citrus. Look at the gorgeous colored peppers. It’s like eating the rainbow. That vitamin C is — I typically do skittles. But this works, too. Think of this as nature’s candy. Fine. For skin. Now we have metabolism. We think about metabolism. People often say, you know what? Weight gain, weight loss. But metabolism is actually how your body takes food and uses it for energy. And so when I think from that perspective, I’m thinking, what is going to give me energy and satiate me but it’s going to be good, steady energy? I’m going for proteins. Specifically lean proteins from seafood and for our plant-based folks, legumes. The reason I like seafood is because you’re going to get a real good bang for your buck. Omega 3s, as well as — that’s going to help with your metabolism. This is for our plant-based friends. This is for our pescatarian friends. Okay. Okay. And the last one is immunity. Which is great because half of our office is sick. So we’ll be taking these back to them afterwards. This is one of my favorite areas. Fiber. When we think about fiber, we’re thinking about gut health. The gut is the largest immune mediator in the body. It expresses health. These are prebiotic. This is the food for the probiotic. We talk about probiotics that help with immunity. This is what’s going to feed the probiotics. Also about fiber, interestingly enough, when people have high cholesterol and they eat certain fibers, it can help to attach to that cholesterol. And flush it out. Flush it out the body. It’s like a scrub brush for the intestine. A scrub brush for the intestine. That’s a great way to say thank you for being here. Thank you, Maya. Thank you to Maya feller. For all these tips.

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