Crisis in Venezuela Video – ABC News

  • Now Playing: Turmoil in Venezuela

  • Now Playing: Crisis in Venezuela

  • Now Playing: Crisis in Venezuela

  • Now Playing: Richard Branson, Nicolas Maduro to hold rival aid concerts on Venezuelan border

  • Now Playing: American ‘ISIS bride’ speaks out

  • Now Playing: Trump, Kim Jong Un haircuts available at Vietnam barber shop

  • Now Playing: Authorities warn public to stay away from Popocatepetl volcano

  • Now Playing: A supermoon, Washington snowstorm, Lunar New Year: World in Photos, Feb. 20

  • Now Playing: Across the Pond: Swiss avalanche rescue, abuse victims at the Vatican

  • Now Playing: American ISIS bride speaks out

  • Now Playing: American ‘ISIS Bride’ speaks out

  • Now Playing: Trump’s national emergency faces legal pushback

  • Now Playing: A lion yawns, sparkles fly, monks pray

  • Now Playing: Mount Etna releases smoke

  • Now Playing: American woman in ISIS wants to come home

  • Now Playing: American woman claims she was brainwashed by ISIS

  • Now Playing: Karl Lagerfeld dies in Paris

  • Now Playing: News headlines today: Feb. 19, 2019

  • Now Playing: US mother calls move to Syria, marrying ISIS fighters a ‘mistake’

  • Now Playing: The Venice Carnival, Nigerian elections, anniversary of Libya’s revolution

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