A lion yawns, sparkles fly, monks pray Video

  • Now Playing: Westminster dogs, Northern Lights and the Year of the Pig: World in Photos

  • Now Playing: Best in Show, New York Fashion Week, Kenya plane crash: World in Photos

  • Now Playing: A lion yawns, sparkles fly, monks pray

  • Now Playing: Mount Etna releases smoke

  • Now Playing: American woman in ISIS wants to come home

  • Now Playing: American woman claims she was brainwashed by ISIS

  • Now Playing: Karl Lagerfeld dies in Paris

  • Now Playing: News headlines today: Feb. 19, 2019

  • Now Playing: US mother calls move to Syria, marrying ISIS fighters a ‘mistake’

  • Now Playing: The Venice Carnival, Nigerian elections, anniversary of Libya’s revolution

  • Now Playing: Firefighters make daring rescue

  • Now Playing: Woman saved after getting trapped in mud

  • Now Playing: ISIS’ last stand in Syria

  • Now Playing: Across the pond: ISIS brides, UK lawmakers and Facebook

  • Now Playing: Trump tweets that ISIS ‘is ready to fall’

  • Now Playing: Cat welcomes passengers to train station

  • Now Playing: Women and children flee Syria

  • Now Playing: Gondolas wind through Venice for carnival

  • Now Playing: ISIS forces now cornered in Syria

  • Now Playing: Sediment floods Great Barrier Reef

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