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We want to ahead overseas. ISIS making its last stand in Syria. U.s.-backed forces expected to take the final town held by fighters. Many leaving their lives in the west, falling for propaganda, to become ISIS wives. One 19-year-old woman now desperate to come home. Here’s James Longman. Reporter: For foreign women who travelled to marry ISIS fighters, the fantasy has ended. There has been a steady stream of women, often with their children, making their way out of the so-called caliphate. Like shamima begum, now 19, sold on a false promise of marriage and adventure. She was captured in February, 2015, on surveillance camera, traveling to the battlefield from London with two school friends. Four years later, begum today revealing to sky news that she has just given birth, a third child for the young woman. The first two, she says, dead in the caliphate. At first, it was nice. It was like how they showed in the videos. You come. You make a family together. And then afterwards things got harder. Reporter: She says life in the islamic state, including watching behadings, didn’t bother her. I knew about those things. And I was okay with it. Reporter: But now she is living in a refugee camp. She doesn’t know where her husband is and wants out. I don’t want to take care of my child in this camp. Because I’m afraid he will die in this camp. I think a lot of people should have sympathy towards me for everything I’ve been through. Reporter: Her story is not isolated. I’m from Trinidad. Canada. Reporter: Women from all over including America fell for ISIS propaganda. But like begum’s friends, many of their fates are unknown. Begum says she has no regrets. Britain says she will not be rescued, but she is free to return home should she wish. Will she be prosecuted, or able to keep her child? As with so much in this war, this is unknown territory. Tom? James, thank you. Back here in the states, the

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