Sediment floods Great Barrier Reef Video

  • Now Playing: Sleepy sea turtle takes a nap among the coral

  • Now Playing: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef suffers severe coral bleaching

  • Now Playing: Dog paddleboards in the Great Barrier Reef

  • Now Playing: Sediment floods Great Barrier Reef

  • Now Playing: Pope Francis is expelling the former archbishop of Washington, DC

  • Now Playing: World View: Inside a Syrian refugee camp, tensions rise in Venezuela and more

  • Now Playing: Vice President on last leg of Poland trip, visits Auschwitz concentration camp

  • Now Playing: Westminster dogs, Northern Lights and the Year of the Pig: World in Photos

  • Now Playing: Polar bear cub gets her first checkup

  • Now Playing: Brexit ‘prepper’ stockpiling supplies in case of a doomsday ‘no-deal’

  • Now Playing: Across the Pond: Unrest in Haiti, climate strike, royal Valentine’s Day

  • Now Playing: Northern Lights dance across sky over Finland

  • Now Playing: Final push made on remaining ISIS stronghold in Syria

  • Now Playing: Love among the blossoms, rare black leopard and fashion: World in Photos, Feb. 14

  • Now Playing: Across the Pond: ISIS bride wants to return home to Britain as Brexit debate rages on

  • Now Playing: Rare black leopard caught on camera for first time in 100 years

  • Now Playing: Photographer captures rare black panther in Kenya

  • Now Playing: ISIS struggles to hold on to final village stronghold in war-ravaged Syria

  • Now Playing: Former Air Force counterintelligence specialist charged with spying

  • Now Playing: Best in Show, New York Fashion Week, Kenya plane crash: World in Photos

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