Raising Hell game will make parents laugh about having kids

Hasbro is about to release a card game for parents that is so NSFP — not suitable for playground.

Called Raising Hell, it’s billed as “a party game for adults who know kids can be a real pain.” We see it as the parenting edition of Cards Against Humanity and think it’ll be a nice addition to the wine and snacks at our next mom’s night get together.  

How do you play Raising Hell?

Designed to be played by three or more people, the game consists of 72 photo cards and 300 caption cards. The photo cards have images from parents’ nightmares – like a pair of toddler girls who used mom’s $45 lipstick as face paint. Caption cards say things such as “When things are too quiet in the next room,” and “When you realize your kid is not a genius.”  

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Each player gets 7 caption cards and takes turns acting as judge. For each round, the judge reveals a photo card that the other players pair with a caption card from their hand. The judge picks the caption they think best describes the photo – and the winner keeps the photo card. The player with the most photo cards at the end wins the game.

Raising Hell will sell for $19.99. It’s scheduled to be available on Amazon June 1 and at most major retailers Aug. 1. Parents can pre-order now at Amazon and Walmart.

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