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We get the latest on the Russia investigation. The Republican and democratic leaders of the senate intelligence committee at odds over the conclusion of their investigation as several committees spar over the testimony of former trump lawyer Michael Cohen. Our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce is on capitol hill. The heads of the senate intelligence committee have been working together but this is significant, the disagreement. Reporter: For a committee that managed to so far conduct a bipartisan investigation, this is now a rare public rift. The Republican chairman Richard burr says they have found no factual evidence of collusion but notes the investigation is not complete but mark Warner tells us he respectfully disagrees, that he’s not ready to draw any conclusions since their probe is still ongoing. Regardless, president trump is seizing on all of this tweeting and falsely claiming that the senate intelligence committee has now concluded that there is no evidence of collusion. And the chairman was also upset about the fact that Michael Cohen postponed his testimony to the senate intelligence committee. Reporter: Chairman burr is not pleased with Michael Cohen. Cohen, the president’s former fixer was supposed to testify but canceled citing medical reasons but then this popped up. Cohen was spotted having dinner at a New York restaurant. Chairman burr was not amused and said any goodwill he has with the committee is gone but Cohen’s lawyer said it is possible to have dinner and still be in pain and he does plan to appear before the end of

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