Suicide car bomber wounds 7 in massive blast on Syria-Turkey border Video

Transcript for Suicide car bomber wounds 7 in massive blast on Syria-Turkey border

Syria, where the final push against ISIS is now under way. Kurdish forces backed by U.S. Air power tonight, are moving to take back the last of the territory claimed by ISIS. It comes as president trump says he wants to pull those U.S. Troops out of Syria. ABC’s James long manner and our team inside Syria tonight. Reporter: A war in its final stages can be the most dangerous. Tonight, a suicide car bomber wounding seven in this massive explosion on the syria/turkey border. And inside Syria, the push to take back ISIS territory inching closer to its end. This as president trump looks to remove remaining U.S. Troops from a country torn apart by terror. We’ve just crossed the border from Iraq into Syria. And this whole area is controlled by the kurds. They, together with the united States, have been leading the fight against ISIS and now they’re trying to liberate the last few towns. The coalition has the terror group cornered in the tiny town of baghuz. About 500 ISIS holdouts are dug in for a brutal last stand. David, even if U.S. Troops do withdraw from here, peace may be far from won. Many fleeing jihadists often pose as civilians and the U.S. State department says ISIS fighters could be in the thousands, waiting for another chance to fight. David? James Longman in eastern Syria for us. James, thank you.

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