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to them later. To Washington now. The looming prospect of another government shutdown. Congress has until midnight Friday to strike a deal. Talks on capitol hill have stalled. The president signaling again he might go around congress by declaring a national emergency to build his border wall. Mary Bruce has the latest. Reporter: Negotiators had hoped to announce a deal today. The two sides are further apart this morning than they were last week. And the big sticking point is not just the wall. Democrats are now demanding to limit the number of beds at detention centers. They’re hoping to force the white house to detain undocumented immigrants with criminal records. The top Republican negotiator in the senate is putting the odds of a deal at just 50/50. So what comes next? The president has three options. One, agree to another short-term fix. Two, declare the national emergency and go around congress. Many Republicans are warning against that move. Or three, he could shut down the government again. The white house is not ruling that out. There is no appetite on capitol hill for a shutdown. The president is going to el Paso tonight, trying to make a case for the wall. Not clear it will help. Reporter: Yeah, the president will be in the border city of el Paso. He’s been using that city as an example of his exaggerated claim that the wall would dramatically reduce crime. While the president is speaking, one on his potential 200 will be speaking out in the city, former Texas congressman Beto O’rourke. Two new Democrats got in the race over the weekend. Minnesota senator Amy klobuchar

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