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Let’s turn to politics now. Negotiators in congress working to avert another government shutdown. Say talks are stalled. The differences growing over money for the president’s wall and over how undocumented immigrants will be detained. The two sides have four days to hammer out a deal. ABC’s Tara Palmeri on the chances that will happen. Reporter: Just four days until the government runs out of money, and tonight the president’s chief of staff warning we could be heading towards a second shutdown. You cannot take a shutdown off the table. Reporter: A bipartisan group of lawmakers at an impasse over the number of beds available for undocumented immigrants arrested by I.C.E. Without enough beds, they would not be able to detain thousands. I’m not confident we’re going to get there. I think the next 24 hours crucial. We could close some deals, but they’ve got to be good to secure our borders. Reporter: The president venting that lawmakers don’t seem to be getting anywhere near his $5.7 billion demand for a border wall tweeti”they are offering very little money for the desperately needed border wall.” Mulvaney conceding that they’re ready to accept less, but still build a wall. What you’ll probably see is the president say, yeah, okay, and then I’ll go find the money someplace else. To unveil a deal on Monday. Those hopes seemingly The numbers are all over the place. Much an ego negotiation. This really isn’t over substa Reporter: 800,000 federal workers hanging in the balance after the longest shutdown in U.S. History that saw unprecedented TSA sick-outs and airports on the verge of melting down. Seeing another shutdown just a couple days away on the horizon I think is scary for anybody. I know you’ve been talking to your sources at the white house and on capitol hill and those sources telling you about the negotiations now, that it seems that both sides are further from a deal than they were last week? Reporter: That’s right, Tom. Talks seem to have stalls but there’s some hope that lawmakers in this conference will resume talks as soon as tonight. Tomorrow the president heads back to the border for the second time since this budget battle began and just a few hours ago he tweeted that he could legally declare a national emergency to bypass

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