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To the growing crisis in Venezuela this hour. A tense stand off over desperately needed supplies. A convoy of trucks full of food and medicine has been stopped at the border tonight. Victor Oquendo is at the scene. Reporter: Tonight, the border standoff. Those shipping containers and a tanker blocking desperately needed humanitarian aid from entering Venezuela. All at the request of its embattled president Nicolas maduro, who is refusing the American aid, calling it “A humiliation.” Nine truckloads of humanitarian aid now stacked up inside this warehouse, ready to get to the people of Venezuela who desperately need it. They’re hoping this shipment is the first of many. The the shipments sent at the request of Juan guaido, the man who claims he is Venezuela’s legal president and is backed by the trump administration. Meanwhile, thousands continue fleeing Venezuela. This woman we met travelling hundreds of miles because she says there is nothing left for her inside her country. Many telling us they’re hopeful the aid gets in. We know Victor, that stream of people has been continuing all day long. They’re people leaving Venezuela. The president of Venezuela and the man who is being recognized by the U.S. As the president, they’re both dueling over the aid. That’s right. Maduro said the U.S. Wants to help they should lift the sanctions that hurt so many people. Meanwhile the other saying he promises to get that aid inside the country. David? Victor, thanks to you. A chilling confession. You’ll hear the secret recording.

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