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Next to the political vie sis in Virginia. The governor initially the one under fire, a new signal from him as the lieutenant governor faces a second allegation of sexual assault. Tom llamas is just back from Virginia. Reportehe week began with demands that Virginia governor Ralph Northam resign after admitting he once wore blackface. It ends with calls for Virginia’s second in command to step down as well. What message do you have for Virginia residents? We’ll have our say. I’m confident in the truth. Thank you so much. Reporter: Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax now facing a new accusation of sexual assault. Meredith Watson, one of his classmates at duke, says Fairfax raped her in 2000. Tonight, the lieutenant governor caring the allegation “Demonstrably false,” insisting “I have never forced myself on anyone ever.” Watson is the second woman to come forward this week. Dr. Vanessa Tyson alleges Fairfax rced her to perform oral sex in a hotel room at the 2004 democratic national convention. Fairfax says their encounter was consensual. Do you remember Dr. Tyson ever crying? Good to see you, man. Do you rememberr. Tyson ever crying? Reporter: And tonight, the lieutenant governor calling for a full investigation to clear his name. Tonight more breaking ne more and more Democrats call on lieutenant governor Fairfax to resign. He’s saying he will not design. Another Democrat says he will introduce articles of impeachment Monday. Also the governor said he will not resign. Tom, we’ll be watching. To the growing crisis in Venezuela this hour.

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