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Have a heart. Have a heart. Michael, you are on day four of the challenge that jlo and A-Rod laid down for you. No carbs, no sugar. How’s that going? I’m pissed. I figured you would be a little grumpy. It’s going well for jlo. Take a look at the pic she posted on her Instagram account. You too could look like that in ten days. Michael, aim high. You’re only on day four. You got time. For some reason I didn’t pay attention to a word you said. What did you say? This picture caught Michael’s attention and everyone else’s including her ex diddy who posted the response omg with a smiley face and a heart. This got the attention of her current boo who threw down below that. He wrote heart, baseball hat, check mark. I feel like diddy was a little more romantic. A-Rod was checking diddy. He put a baseball. I would have put a baseball bat and I would have followed that with a selfie. You got to follow that strong. He’s reminding us it’s the A-Rod from baseball. In case we forgot. I saw a picture that gives her a bit of a run for her money. It’s crazy. Really? Yeah. Take a look. I did not know that was coming. I mean, when I see someone throw down for a challenge, I’m going to show up. I got to — Hers took ten days. Mine took 18 weeks. What do you got? Oh, my goodness. Couldn’t take your eyes off it, could you? No, I couldn’t.

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