Virginia Governor faces pressure to resign Video

  • Now Playing: ‘I encourage the governor to step aside’: Virginia Legislative Black Caucus chair

  • Now Playing: Calls continue for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to resign

  • Now Playing: Deadly California plane crash

  • Now Playing: Virginia Governor faces pressure to resign

  • Now Playing: Lawmakers have 15 days to reach a deal on border security

  • Now Playing: Record-breaking cold spans from Midwest to Northeast

  • Now Playing: The healing power of snake massages

  • Now Playing: Intelligence officials contradict Trump

  • Now Playing: Record cold sweeps across U.S.

  • Now Playing: Cold weather survival tips

  • Now Playing: ‘Start Here’ podcast: Pentagon and NATO chiefs call Taliban peace talks ‘encouraging’

  • Now Playing: Woman is saved after being trapped in an elevator 3 days

  • Now Playing: Shutdown cost U.S. economy $11 billion

  • Now Playing: Bitter cold settling in

  • Now Playing: It’s National Blueberry Pancake Day!

  • Now Playing: It’s the beginning of a full work week since the government reopened

  • Now Playing: Florida bank shooting leaves 5 dead

  • Now Playing: Trump postpones State of the Union address

  • Now Playing: Instagram-famous dog releases new line of toys

  • Now Playing: Missing Boston woman found alive

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