‘I encourage the governor to step aside’: Virginia Legislative Black Caucus chair Video

Transcript for ‘I encourage the governor to step aside’: Virginia Legislative Black Caucus chair

I want to bring in the chairman of the black caucus in the Virginia house of delegates. Mr. Delegate, thank you for joining us this morning. You just heard Jim Moran right there. He says he thinks the governor is capable of redemption and deserves a second chance. There is a number of things I just heard. I disagree with him on a couple of fronts. The first thing I want to make sure I touch on is I heard him mention Justin Fairfax, and I have been reluctant to mention Justin Fairfax. I want to make sure Justin is not serving as lieutenant governor because of Ralph Northam. He is serving because of Justin Fairfax. He is well adjusted. Ralph is not promoting Justin. He ran on his own merits. And I know you spoke with the governor on Friday night. You then watched the press conference yesterday. What did he tell you on Friday and do you think there is any hope for him that he can survive this right now or must he go immediately? Well, I have got to tell you. Initially when myself and my colleagues from Virginia of the legislative black caucus met, we had to take a step back and think about it and talk about it. So we did. We actually prayed with the governor. We talked with the governor and my colleagues had an opportunity to talk directly to the governor and tell him how — tell him how disappointed they were, and how dismayed they were, but at the same time, we thought it was not best to make a decision at that point, and we then turned back to the capital of the caucus and then decided the best thing for the commonwealth — we’re not looking at the best thing for us because this is uncomfortable. We’re not looking at the best thing for Ralph Northam, but the best thing for those individuals who agree to talk to the governor, and the people we want to serve and that’s Virginia. If the governor does not resign, will you move to impeach? George, I hate to even have that discussion right now. Well, it’s out there. I encourage the governor to step aside so we can start the healing process. I’m not at the point where I want to publicly have that conversation. Okay. Thanks for your time this morning.

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